Bridge a Day

The Architecture Centre is tweeting about a different bridge for the entire 150 days of our #Bridge150 Festival. Take a look at our @ArchCentre twitter account to keep up to date, or follow our progress here...

Alamillo Bridge, Spain

Day1 #bridge150: 142m high pylon supports a 200m span through stay cables that counterbalance the deck. Alamillo bridge

Bouncing Bridge, Paris

Day2 #bridge150: Proposal to cross the Seine on an inflatable trampoline. Research underway into making it a reality

An Ping Bridge, China

Day3 #bridge150: Ancient Chinese Anping or ‘Five-Li’ #stonebeam Bridge features stone generals, lion and toad carvings

Årstavikan railbridge, Stockholm

Day4 #Bridge150: @ArupGroup @FosterPartners Årsta bridge ‘falu- red’ concrete echoes traditional local architecture

Baluarte Bridge, Mexico

Day5 #Bridge150: Marking 200 years of Mexican independence – world’s highest cable stay the Baluarte Bridge.

The Bridge of Aspiration, UK

Day6 #Bridge150 @WilkinsonEyre Bridge of Aspiration emulates the fluidity of dance to connect @RoyalBalletSch to the @RoyalOperaHouse

Si Du River Bridge, China

Day7 #Bridge150: Siduhe Bridge - first suspension bridge cable placed using a rocket AND highest bridge deck @GWR.

Charles Bridge, Prague

Day8 #bridge150: Rubbing the foot of the statue of St. John of Nepomuk on Prague’s Charles Bridge brings good luck!

Castleford Footbridge, UK

Day9 #Bridge150: 3 sets of V shaped steel piers support S shaped Castleford Footbridge @McDowellBenedet @ArupGroup

Basento Bridge, Italy

Day10 #Bridge150: max structural function alongside min area results from the continuous surface of the Basento Bridge

Halgavor Bridge, UK

Day11 #Bridge150: Halgavor - 1 of the 1st UK decks made with glass-reinforced plastic @WilkinsonEyre #FlintandNeill

Haugh of Drimmie, Scotland

Day12 #Bridge150: Scotland’s Grade A listed Haugh of Drimmie is one of five bridges built by the Justices – a family of blacksmiths

Maria Pia Bridge, Portugal

Day13 #Bridge150: Portugal’s Maria Pia Bridge was constructed by the same engineer as the Eiffel tower!

Schlossebruck Bridge, Berlin

Day14 #Bridge150: 8 scenes by 8 sculptors depict the lifetime of a hero atop Schloßbrücke bridge's supporting pillars

NYC Highline, USA

Day15 #Bridge150: Historic former freight rail line redesigned into an elevated public park - The Highline NYC.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, China

Day16 #Bridge150: The longest bridge over water - Jiaozhou bay bridge - has 6 lanes and measures 26.4 miles

Sounding Arches, Maidenhead

Day17 #Bridge150: Brunel’s wide and flat Maidenhead ‘sounding arches’ - named as such for the clarity of their echoes

Kurilpa Bridge, Australia

Day18 #bridge150: Pedestrian Kurilpa bridge a ‘convergence of art and structure' @ArupGroup @COXArchitecture

Pulteney Bridge, UK

Day19 #bridge150: Charming Grade 1 listed bridge with shops lining both sides –Bath’s Pulteney Bridge

Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Day20 #Bridge150: RO&AD’s Moses Bridge appears to part the waters as it grants access to the Fort de Roovere

Sando Bridge

Day21#Bridge150: Concrete Sando Bridge was an innovator in 1943 - a 267m span formerly exclusive to steel arches

Sackler Crossing

Day22 #Bridge150: The natural landscape surrounding @kewgardens Sackler Crossing is rooted in the fabric of its design @burohappold

Craigmin Bridge

Day23 #Bridge150: Nestled in foliage the mysterious Craigmin Bridge features secret doors and hidden rooms

Vihantasalmi Bridge, Finland

Day24 #Bridge150: The timber constructed Vihantasalmi Bridge gently nods to the prosperous local wood industry

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Day25 #Bridge150: Visitors can climb the arches of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge for a panoramic view of the city

Tempul Aqueduct

Day26 #Bridge150: Eduardo Torroja - the engineer of 1926 Tempul Aqueduct - features the bridge in his book The Philosophy of Structures

Tarr Steps

Day27 #Bridge150: The Medieval Clapper Bridge resides close to Bronze-age burial mounds

Golden Gate Bridge

Day28 #Bridge150: : The Golden Gate Bridge has been named a 'Wonder of the Modern World' @GGBridge @ASCETweets.

Traversina II, Switzerland

Day29 #Bridge150: Traversina II in Switzerland bridges the gap between a 70m deep gorge

Ribblehead Viaduct

Day30 #Bridge150: The 1874 construction of the Ribblehead Viaduct was eventful, with frequent smallpox outbreaks and industrial accidents

Mathematical Bridge

Day31 #Bridge150: Officially the Wooden Bridge - the timber Mathematical Bridge@QueensCam is a tangent and radial trussing structure.

The Millenium Bridge

Day32 #Bridge150: The millennium Bridge was closed for two years after its initial opening to rectify its curious wobble.

Millau Viaduct

Day33 #Bridge150@GWR tallest bridge in the world - The Millau Viaduct@FosterPartners #MichelVirlogeux

New Memphis Bridge

Day34 #Bridge150: New Bridge or Hernando de Soto Bridge In Tennesse Is named after a 16th C Spanish explorer.

Humber Bridge

Day35 #Bridge150: Humber Bridge– spanning the Humber estuary is the 7th largest single span suspension bridge

Pont de Normandie

Day36 #Bridge150: Spanning the River Seine - The Pont de Normandie is accessible to motorists pedestrians + cyclists

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Day37 #Bridge150: The mortar of Grade I Listed Pontcysyllte Aqueduct was made of oxen blood, lime and water

Bosphorus Bridge

Day 38 #Bridge150: Major crossing point for millennia the Bosphorus bridge opened in 1973, connecting Europe and Asia

Bridge of Sighs

Day 39 #bridge150: Built to transport prisoners, the aptly named, Bridge of Sighs gave them a final glimpse of Venice

Bridge to Île d’Oleron & Île de Re

Day 40 #bridge150: Built to connect Oléron island to mainland France, the Oléron bridge has a total length of 2862m

Britannia Bridge

Day41 #bridge150: Limestone lions guarding the 1850 Britannia must've been snoozing when it was damaged by fire 1970

Canary Wharf Footbridge (South Quay Footbridge)

Day42 #bridge150: @WilkinsonEyre’s 180m long cable-stayed swing footbridge, Canary Wharf created an S-shaped walkway

Pedro e Inês bridge

Day43 #bridge150: @CecilBalmond’s lightningbolt shaped Pedro e Inês footbridge transforms connection into destination

Conwy Castle Suspension Bridge

Day44 #bridge150: Originally a toll bridge, ThomasTelford’s Conwy Castle suspension bridge now run by @nationaltrust

Elstead Old Bridge

Day45 #bridge150: Foundations date back to c1300, the stone arches of Elstead Old bridge said to be built by monks

Butterfly Bridge

Day46 #bridge150: The arches of @WilkinsonEyre's Butterfly Bridge reflect curves of JJ Webster’s 1888 bridge nearby


Day47 #bridge150: Opened in 1963 the 198m span Europabrücke held the accolade of highest bridge in Europe for 10 yrs

Falkirk Wheel

Day 48 #bridge150: The world’s 1st rotating boatlift, the FalkirkWheel rises 35m high & lifts 2boats up+down in 15min

Henderson waves

Day49 #bridge150: Henderson waves, so called for its wave-like structure, is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

Forth Rail Bridge

Day50 #bridge150: Connecting Edinburgh+Fife, Forth Railway Bridge was one of the 1st steel structures in the UK.

Luzancy Bridge, France

Day51 #bridge150: Eugene Freyssinet invented prestressed concrete to achieve the 54m span of the 1946 Luzancy Bridge

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Day52 #bridge150: 2002 @RIBA StirlingPrize winner @WilkinsonEyre’s ‘winking eye’bridge was catalyst for regeneration

Göltzsch Viaduct

Day53 #bridge150: Opened in 1851 + still the largest brick bridge in the world, Göltzsch Viaduct used over 20m bricks

Hammersmith Flyover

Day54 #bridge150: One of the 1st to use reinforced concrete, Hammersmith Flyover opened in 1961 + used to be heated

I-90 floating bridge Seattle (Lacey V Murrow Memorial Bridge)

Day55 #bridge150: This 1940 concrete floating bridge sank in 1990 during a storm while undergoing reinforcement

Ironbridge, Shropshire

Day56 #bridge150: 1st ever cast-iron bridge aptly known as IronBridge is handily located in a place called Ironbridge

Isfahan Allahverdi Khan Bridge (Siosepol or Bridge of 33 arches)

Day57 #bridge150: Built in 1602, this 300m long Iranian bridge is known locally as the 'Bridge of 33 arches’

Kapellbrücke, Lucerne

Day58 #bridge150: 285m long Kapellbrücke Bridge from 1300s was largely rebuilt in 1990s after fire destroyed it

Kent Messenger Bridge

Day59 #bridge150: World's 1st‘cranked’ stressed ribbon, the Kent Messenger's apparent simplicity belies complexity

Three Segment Folding Bridge, Kiel, Germany

Day60 #bridge150: 3 segment folding bridge in Kiel Fjord has no hidden mechanics + folds to allow ships through

Kingsgate, Durham

Day61 #bridge150: Ove Arup’s last bridge, the reinforced concrete of Kingsgate, Durham (1963), was cast in two halves

Galata Bridge, Istanbul

Day62 #bridge150: 5th incarnation of Galata spans Istanbul’s Golden Horn, symbolically uniting 2 distinct cultures

Langkawi sky bridge, Malaysia

Day63 #bridge150: The pedestrian Langkawi Sky Bridge offers panoramic jungle views from atop Machinchang mountain

Royal Albert Bridge

Day64 #bridge150: Finished only months before Brunel’s death, the Royal Albert Railway Bridge is one of Brunel’s final engineering feats.

The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji

Day65 #bridge150: Living roots of Rubber Trees were trained through hollowed trunks to form the Cherrapunji bridges

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Day66 #bridge150: Vasco da Gama Bridge - 1 of the longest in Europe, carries 6 road lanes across the Tagus River

The Jarrold Bridge

Day67 #bridge150: @Foot_Bridge winner the Jarrold Bridge better links a Norwich nature reserve with the city

Lake Maracaibo Bridge or General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge

Day 68 #bridge150: Named after a Venezuelan hero in the War of Independence, General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge is made of reinforced and prestressed concrete

Tyne Bridge

Day69 #bridge150: Through Arch ‘Tyne Bridge’ is a ‘landmark symbol of Tyneside’

Rolling Bridge, London

Day 70 #bridge150: Paddington Basin's conventional pedestrian footbridge curls upwards into a circular sculpture

Tacoma Narrows, USA

Day71 #Bridge150: The ‘Galloping’ motion and eventual collapse of the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge gained it its nickname

Richmond Bridge

Day72 #bridge150: As the oldest Surviving Thames Bridge, 18th Century stone-arch Richmond Bridge is Grade 1 listed.

El Ferdan Railway Bridge

Day 73 #bridge150: Egypt's El Ferden Railway Bridge - longest swing bridge in the world closes to let trains pass

Point Resolution Bridge, Auckland

Day74 #bridge150: Featuring water-ripple etchings and modelled after the hull of a ship @Warrenandmahoney Point Resolution Bridge

Tower Bridge, London

Day 75 #bridge150: Under-used high walkways of @TowerBridge were closed in 1910 and reopened 72 years later in their current covered form.

Fisherman’s Bridge, Lake District

Day 76 #bridge150: Hitting the steel uprights of fisherman's bridge with a stick plays a specially composed tune

Clackmannanshire Bridge, Scotland

Day 77 #bridge150: Spanning an area for migratory birds, the Clackmannanshire Bridge factors enviro into its design.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Day78 #bridge150: 19th C Brooklyn Bridge was design-led by Emily Roebling - pioneer for female engineering @EngWomen.

Garden Bridge, London

Day79 #Bridge150: Plans are underway for the construction of a public park 'Garden Bridge' to span the River Thames

Queensferry Crossing, Scotland

Day80 #bridge150: Queensferry Crossing - name of new Scottish bridge was chosen by public ballot ©Transport Scotland

Mystic River Bridge, USA

Day81 #bridge150: Mystic River Bridge's external moving parts are visually intriguing once set into


Lower Hatea River Crossing, New Zealand

Day82 #bridge150: Lower Hatea River Crossing or Te Matau a Pohe was modelled on a traditional Maori fish hook

Pamban Rail Bridge, India

Day83 #bridge150: Pamban Rail Bridge helped pilgrims visit Rameswaram temple prior to a parallel bridge built in1988

Vals Bridge, Switzerland

Day84 #bridge150: Jurg Conzett's stone/concrete Vals Bridge is steeply arched and towers above pedestrians

Spinningfields, Manchester

Day85 #bridge150: @ramboll Spinningfields Footbridge is 1 of @ArchCentre's 5 key contemporary case studies

Royal Gorge Bridge , USA

Day86 #bridge150: 291m above Arkansas River Royal Gorge Bridge has views of the gorge + is accompanied by a themepark

Scale Lane Bridge, Hull

Day87 #bridge150: Pedestrians can step on + off Scale Lane Bridge whilst in motion, as bells and lights are activated

Tees Transporter Bridge, Middlesborough

Day88 #bridge150: Tees Transporter Bridge ferries passengers across the river with a gondola car suspended by cables

Pont Gustave Flaubert, France

Day89 #bridge150: The main deck of Pont Gustave-Flaubert lifts 55 metres to allow tall vessels to pass.

Nescio Bridge, Netherlands

Day90 #bridge150: Nescio Bridge is the 1st suspension bridge in the Netherlands for pedestrians and cyclists.

Media City Footbridge, Manchester

Day91 #bridge150: Media City Footbridge uses asymmetric cable-stays with anchor points adapted into seating

Miho Museum Footbridge, Japan

Day92 #bridge150: Miho Museum Footbridge provides a transition from a nature reserve to a museum entrance.

Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong

Day93 #bridge150: Day 93 #bridge150: The design of Stonecutters Bridge included mitigation against ship impact and strong typhoon wind.

Second Severn Crossing, England and Wales

Day94 #bridge150: 2nd Severn Crossing - work was scheduled and completed in short windows around the tides

Rialto Bridge, Venice

Day95 #bridge150: 1 of 4 spanning the Grand Canal, Rialto bridge defied critics to become an enduring icon of Venice

Akashi Kaikyō Bridge, Japan

Day96 #bridge150: Also known as the Pearl Bridge, the Akashi KaikyōBridge is the world's longest Suspension

Banpo Bridge, South Korea

Day97 #bridge150: The site of the Moonlight Rainbow Show, Banpo Bridge sits atop the sometimes submerged Jamsu Bridge

Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, Brazil

Day98 #bridge150: X shaped Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge has 2 curved tracks supported by a single concrete mast

Ponte Vecchio

Day99 #bridge150: Spanning the narrowest point of Florence’s Arno River, Ponte Vecchio features inbuilt shops

Merchant Square footbridge, London

Day100 #bridge150: Recently completed Merchant Square footbridge resembles blades of a hand-held fan @KA_Bridges


Day101 #bridge150: Slauerhoffbrug adapts to its surroundings, letting boats pass by lifting a section of the road

Stari Most, Bosnia

Day102 #bridge150: Destroyed during the Croat–Bosniak War, 16th C Stari Most bridge was restored at great expense

Rakotzbrücke, Germany

Day103 #bridge150: Reflecting in the water of the river Rakotzsee, Rakotzbrücke creates a circular optical illusion

Leonardo Bridge, Norway

Day104 #bridge150: A bridge designed to span Istanbul’s Golden Horn was constructed 500 years later in Norway!

Khaju Bridge (Isfahan, Iran)

Day105 #bridge150: Built mid-17th C by Shah Abbas II, Khaju Bridge is also a weir and originally held public meetings

Juscelino Kubitschek bridge, BRAZIL

Day106 #bridge150: Juscelino Kubitschek bridge deck is supported by 3 arches, arranged to accentuate sunsets

The Iron Bridge (Coalbrookdale, UK)

Day107 #bridge150: Applauded upon construction, the Iron Bridge was the first cast iron arch bridge in the world.

Pythonbrug, Amsterdam

Day108 #bridge150: Pythonbrug or 'Python Bridge' dips and rises, creating an interesting walkway effect

Kawazu (Kawazu-cho, Japan)

Day109 #bridge150: The Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop Bridge spirals round to counter the steepness of the grade

Dyavolski Most

Day110 #bridge150: Dyavolski Most is one of several 'Devil's Bridges' in Europe and is surrounded by folklore tales

Far Moor Footbridge

Day111 #bridge150: Far Moor Footbridge is part of the 350-mile Pennine Bridle Way National Trail

Dinham Bridge 

Day112 #bridge150: Dinham Bridge was built in 1823 on medieval stone piers, replacing a much older bridge

Larpool Viaduct

Day113 #bridge150: This Grade II listed brick arch bridge was mentioned in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula

Sundial Bridge, Redding, California, United States

Day114 #bridge150: The Sundial Bridge in Redding, California doubles up've guessed it.. a sundial!

Gaztelugatxe Island Bridge, Spain

Day115 #bridge150: After crossing Gaztelugatxe Island bridge, visitors must climb 231 steps to reach the hermitage

Kosinj Bridge, Region Lika, Croatia

Day116 #bridge150: Kosinj Bridge in Croatia spans 70 metres over the Lika River and uses a ‘stone wedging’ technique

Carrbridge, Scotland

Day117 #bridge150: Early 18th C packhorse bridge 'The Bridge of Carr' is one of the oldest in the Highlands

Devil's Bridge of Ceredigion

Day118 #bridge150: Ceredigion ‘Devil’s Bridge’ is 3 on top of each other! Descend Jacob’s Ladder to reach the lowest

Chengyang Bridge, China

Day119 #bridge150: Traditional "wind and rain" Chengyang Bridge is covered to shelter people from the elements.

Latefossen Bridge, Norway

Day120 #bridge150: Latefossen Bridge allows the Norwegian National Road 13 to continue over åtefossen waterfall.

Huangshan, Anhui, China

Day121 #bridge150: The diminutive ‘Bridge of Immortals’ in the Yellow mountains is the highest in the world!

Quebec Bridge, Quebec

Day 122 #bridge150: Quebec bridge is notorious for failing in 1907 and 1916, before its ultimate completion in 1919

Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest

Day123 #bridge150: Széchenyi Chain Bridge links the towns Buda and Pest - symbolizing the Hungarian nation united

The Zig-Zag Bridge, Shanghai

Day124 #bridge150: Shanghai's Zig-Zag Bridge or "Bridge of the Nine Bends" resides in the "Garden of Quiet Joy"

Scaliger Bridge, Italy

Day125 #bridge150: 14th C Scaliger Bridge was originally built as part of the defence of Castelvecchio Castle

Banana Bridge, UK

Day126 #bridge150: Locally known as the Banana Bridge in Bristol, our bridge today is the Langton Street Bridge. #SMC

Severn Crossing, UK

Day127 #bridge150: One of our visitors cited the Severn Crossing as an important + emotive connection between 2 areas

Cuttlebrook Bridge, Thame, Oxfordshire

Day128 #bridge150: As a child #CDT Ruth's bridge for poohsticks was Cuttlebrook, Thame. Recently rebuilt by community

Helix Bridge, Singapore

Day129 #bridge150: 280m long, the world’s first curved double-helix bridge in Singapore was 3D modelled by @ArupGroup

Gaol Ferry Bridge, Bristol

Day130 #bridge150: #Bristol's AvonNewCut has a dramatic tidal reach, as @DMorganDavies shows with GaolFerryBridge

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa

Day131 #bridge150: Over 200m high, Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa is the highest bungee jumping bridge in the world

Incheon Bridge, South Korea

Day132 #bridge150: Taking 4.5 years to build, the 6 lane Incheon Bridge (2009) is the longest and largest in Korea

Qasr El Nile Bridge

Day133 #bridge150: Rebuilt in 1933, the Qasr El Nile Bridge crosses the Nile in Cairo, Egypt, guarded by four lions

Valentine Bridge, Bristol

Day134 #bridge150: Know that noisy bridge by #Bristol TempleMeads? The Happy Pontist is none too pleased with it

Sabetjohkbrua Bridge

Day135 #bridge150: Our Norwegian volunteer, Randi, likes the Sabetjohkbrua Bridge for its elegant trapezoid section

Clevedon Pier

Day136 #bridge150: When is a bridge not a bridge? When it’s a pier. Which is like a bridge, so says the HappyPontist

Scaffolding for Salginatobel Bridge

Day137 #bridge150: Richard Corey's wooden scaffolding for Maillart’s Salginatobel Bridge was built by 6 men in 1929

Salginatobel Bridge

Day138 #bridge150: Concrete for Robert Maillart’s 1930 Salginatobel Bridge was mixed by hand & moved by wheelbarrow

Mount Hope Bridge, Rhode Island

Day139 #bridge150: Did you know there’s a suspension bridge connecting Bristol to Portsmouth? (Ok, in Rhode Island)

Brunel’s Other Bridge

Day140 #bridge150: Volunteers are raising funds to refurbish @BrunelsOtherBr (great view @brunelsbridge #fireworks)

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

Day141 #bridge150: Happy 150th anniversary @Brunelsbridge! We look forward to exploring your new visitor centre

Plimsoll Bridge

Day142 #bridge150: Within sight of @brunelsbridge, the swing Plimsoll Bridge opened in 1965 replacing @BrunelsOtherBr

Ashton Gate Swing Bridge

Day143 #bridge150: Did you know that Ashton Gate Bridge next to @BristolRO used to be a double level swing bridge?

Vauxhall Swing Bridge

Day144 #bridge150: Spanning the AvonNewCut, VauxhallBridge used to swing open for ships @Southvillenews @_SpikeIsland

Sparke Evans Park Bridge

Day145 #bridge150: A cheerfully yellow suspension bridge links SparkeEvansPark to @paintworks_@ArnosValeCem

Drawbridge, Central Bristol

Day146 #bridge150: Before the River Frome was covered over in central #Bristol, a drawbridge spanned it (photo 1890)

Glenfinnan Viaduct

Day147 #bridge150: Popular with wizards & an icon of Scotland, GlenfinnanViaduct was one of the 1st built in concrete

Paper Bridge

Day148 #bridge150: Paper Bridge (2007) in France by Shigeru Ban could hold up to 20 people at a time

Day149 #bridge150: Our bridge design competition winning entry in under-8 age category links the earth to the moon...

Well done Maya Age 8! 

Day 150 #bridge150: Our bridge design competition winning entry in the over-8 age category is a time travel bridge…

Congratulations Jessie Age 10!

Hurrah! That's 150 bridges over 150days for our #bridge150 festival for @brunelsbridge's anniversary!