Monday, 22 September 2014

Getting up close to bridges - on foot and on the water!

Guided walks and even a boat tour were a popular part of the Bridge150 Festival, celebrating engineering creativity and ingenuity

Urban Wanderings: The Floating Harbour - Wednesday 27 August

This guided walk took a route along the Floating Harbour to find out about old and new bridges that connect the city.

Urban Wanderings: Brunel's Bristol - Thursday 2 October

On this guided walk pop-up speakers shared insights into Isambard Kingdom Brunel's influence on Bristol's built environment

Urban Wanderings: The Avon New Cut - Saturday 20 September

A special boat tour took place for September's Urban Wanderings, the tour took in the Clifton Suspension Bridge before sailing a route down the Avon New Cut to hear stories behind some of the bridges that cross it, as well as the history and development in the surrounding area.

With over twenty bridges en route through the Floating Harbour all the way out to Netham (and back again), this bout tour offered a chance to view Bristol from a rare and fascinating angle.